I am trying to post more often, because I realize that I have a lot of hair to do and there is a lot that I actually can say!  Plus the kids are getting more and more interested in the blog, hence more willing subjects!

My stepson Qadry is the subject today. I have been going through some pictures, and man- how is is grown!  We have all been living together since he was nine and I had to look back and smile- I see the man that he is becoming. 

Qadry is a quiet child-very introspective, but he has a smile that can light up a room. As he is getting older, sometimes it is hard to get out the smile….he’s got to be chill…!

 He is the epitomy an old West Indian saying “Still rivers run deep” .  He doesn’t say very much, but we know there is a lot going on in there!

He has a tighter coil pattern (more like mine) than his father or his brothers so it has been a longer journey for him to see the results of his hair growth.

It is more of a challenge to get him to take care of his hair but that is because he is only 12, but I will say that he is very dedicated to the process and wants to be able to wear cornrows. We are almost there.  In fact, we were there a few weeks back, and in his careful grooming of his hair, he unfortunately tried to trim the cornrows…..and cut out spots in his head- some right down to the scalp. 


It is a little set back, but his hair is growing out again and we are just putting in comb coils and twists until we get the his hair to a braidable length all the way round again.

He made the decision to grow out his hair, I guess because he was watching us all start to do so.  He also has a love affair with different braid styles and wanted to try them too.  He does not want to loc his hair yet, and we are fine with that. We can express the natural beauty of our hair in so many different ways, and I it gives me great pleasure to cornrow too.  You will start to see the different styles coming soon because I also cornrow my oldest stepson’s hair Akeem.  He too has just been growing out his hair and it is at a great braid length.  I am starting to get the pics together…More to come I promise!  I still have all the kids to introduce to you all.

Last night, I did put some two strand twists in his hair after a wash and condition.  I am stepping up my game in maintenance, it is on going battle against the harsh Canadian winter to keep our hair moisturized.

His hair and scalp were very dry so we washed and deep conditioned.  Then I twisted it while wet and added a mix of homemade pomade that I use.  I try to make all our haircare products, I find that that more natural the products, the better for our hair  results for our hair!  I use pure shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and an essential oil for scent and rub it into his scalp. 

I also use this mix as a overall cream for my skin. 

It is a funny thing because I use different moisturizers depending on whose hair I am doing.  The pomade seems to work best in loose hair and sparingly on dreads, because of the shea butter causing buildup….not something we want!

Here is the finished look!