Justice hair08

Okay, Okay, It has been a while since I have posted, but please forgive me,  it gets really busy around here with the 7 kids!  I have been trying to get my business off the ground, and just running this household is a 24hr job!

Anyway, the focus of this post is my youngest son, Justice.  His hair is loced and has been for just about a year now too.  His locs were started from just about an inch of hair, and it has been interesting to see the transition of his hair.

Here is a pic of his hair in the beginning

 Justice hair 2007 closeup

justicehair web

The biggest obstacle has been keeping his hair free of lint and debris, because as you can imagine, he is a VERY active boy!  I used to spend a lot of time trying to keep his locs neat and in order, but I realized pretty quickly that I just needed to let him go and to not worry too much about it.  I found that simple water, a bit of honey if needed, and a lot of ‘leavin it alone’, has done wonders in his growth process.  Now that they are formed, I am just latching once every 4-5 months, in fact, this is my MO for every one in the house that has mature locs, myself included.

I am amazed at his growth over the last year!  You guys tell me what you think!

 justice hair web justshotsside04