Today my focus is my stepson Raheem. He made the decision to grow his hair out all on his own about 3 years ago.  He came to us one day out of the blue and announced that he wanted to let his hair grow. 


At the time, I was not even loced, but I braided and cornrowed, so it was not a problem, but a surprise from such a young boy. He was only 11 when he made the announcement.  So we did. 


 It was a labour of love and has a thick ( and I mean THICK!) mane of hair that is about 6-7 inches in length. 

  We decided about 3 months ago to loc his hair…he is playing basketball and is very active with school so he was looking for something that is a little more low maintenance.  At 14 and in his first year of High School, I suspect that he was looking for a way to stand out to the ‘ladies’ as well!


They are coming along nicely, it took me about 10 hrs to put them in his hair because of the thickness and length.  Of course they are in the baby dred stage, so they are fussy and messy, but he manages well by wearing a headband to keep them in place. 


His hair is of a soft texture as well ( like his father’s) so I started his with latching.  He has worn his hair in twists and while they did stay in his hair, I found that latching the twists from tip to root added the traction that we needed to keep its structure.  It is coming along nicely for sure!

Just as something completely off topic, I had a client today that wanted strand by strand extensions- I am going to  post my handiwork!  I have recently expanded my business to include this service and I am hoping it leads to great success!  Locing is my first love though!