Happy new year everyone!  It has been a few weeks, but with this busy holiday season, the seven kids and a bout of the flu, I unfortunately was taken out of commission for a little while!  Nonetheless, I have some new pics and new subjects for you to check out.  This is my hubby Hassan, who made the decision to loc his hair early in the month of Dec.  I am absolutely amazed at how his hair has taken to the process of locing.  He has a looser curl pattern than mine, so I thought that it would be more difficult to form the helix, but his hair has taken beautifully. It does unravel, and I had to restart him once, ( he washed his hair AND used conditioner…..)  but I just restarted it using a latch technique versus the two strand twists that I originally applied. Once we got past this hurdle….all has well and his hair is responding by leaps and bounds!

Here are some pics, starting with the before shots:


This was him before the process began…very “Corporate”.  Then he decided that he should be judged on his merit, not his hairstyle.  Fast forward to Dec 07:

This was his hair after the wash and condition fiaso….enough said.


This was after it was latched the next round…


A close up of how they are looking now….

And this is his hair as of today Jan 5th.  It is constricting on itself so it looks thinner…..


More updates to come!!!