While this blog is about the entire family, I thought I would start with my own lock journey.  I have mentioned before that I have been loced for 2 years, (Dec 4th 2005 to be exact!) and I have loved the entire experience.  It truly has been magical and enlightening to stop being a slave to weaves.  I was a certified weave junkie.  My favorite saying used to be..”It is all my hair, I bought it!” Here is a picture of me before I loced.


The only sad thing about this is that my older girls grew up thinking this was the norm and unfortunately it has been a hard lesson to break.  My oldest daughter will not even hear of doing without a weave and I am sad to admit, still wears her hair straight.  She is the only one in the house that is not natural .  It is difficult for me, because I created the monster.  Still, I try to stay optimistic, she is only 16 and it is hard being different than her peers.  I am simply trying to be a great example to her and hopefully…..she will see the light. 

I don’t think I even have any pictures of my hair when they were baby dreds, the best I can do right now is one of me when they are about 8 months old.  The process of leaving them alone was great for my hair, as I started with 3 inches of growth and by the time this picture was taken, my hair was about 4-5 inches.  Hassan and I were in Nice, France and I was checking out the delectable pastries when he took this shot!

8 Month Old Locs!

Now some more recent shots, I promise to get some that are better in quality.

This is a side profile:

Side Profile!

And the back…..


I love how my hair has grown, it is now past my shoulders and it is all mine!